When the Pegasi landed in the busy, buzzing land of Bangalore, it scanned and quickly figured that the inner spirit in people had dried out because of the stultified life around. It saw how almost every human acutely longed for a companion for their late nights and date nights, a partner that becomes their friend in every happy and sad turnaround, a non-judgemental partner,  a partner that embraces them regardless of everything. 

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Helpful and energetic, as the Pegasi was, it took the initiative to help all the worn-out souls and to lift them up, up and higher. It planned to establish Bangalore’s newest Beer Brewing Powerhouse with a state of the art 30HL industrial Brewing plant on 3 acres of land in Sarjapur. Yup! Big enough to quench the parched souls of this vast and diverse population. The Pegasi was ambitious. It wanted to create a world away from the space-time continuum and hence it decided to take the beer culture in India by the storm where deadlines mean nothing and nothing is pulling you down. 

But when the final dates came closer, it noticed that most of these people went missing! On its flight to the seashore, it realised that these people were in vacay mode by the end of 2020, looking ahead to make some lasting moments along the shores of Goa. So, it packed its bags and launched its Bottled Bavarian legacy to set sail to Goa on 30th December 2020, to help them end the troublesome year a day earlier. 


Next, it noticed that 2021 needed less boredom and more revel. It was disheartening for it to see so many people sitting in the same old bars, with the same old brew and so, very generously, it planned on coming up with a 4 storeyed gastro-pub. A pub with a complete glass exterior where you could sit back and drink your heart out while enjoying the view of 27th Main and it aptly named it ‘HEARTBREAKER.’ It planned to serve the most lip-smacking food and a blend of unique cocktails letting people levitate and groove to the goodness. 

Now it flies every day in higher spirits, looking at the goodness it has spread across, seeing the happy faces and the broken hearts having a good time across the bar, with its love for The Bottled Bavarian legacy intact. Oh! What a wholesome companion it has created! 

We are brewing some of the best beers and spirits you would ever have come across in the city. Raising your spirits, Pegasi believes beer should be something anyone can enjoy anywhere.

Feel the flight with Pegasi!